Investment Ambassadors Programme

Help us inspire young people to consider a career in the investment management industry.

Think back to the time when you started to explore careers.

Perhaps you always had a dream career, maybe a teacher guided you, or you fell into your first job through chance.

Investment management is a sector that young people often don’t know about or perceive not to be for them, especially if they don’t know anyone working in the industry or financial services. Investment20/20 aims to change that.

We deliver hundreds of careers workshops in schools, colleges and universities every year. The most powerful part of these workshops is when students hear from people working in the sector, our Investment Ambassadors, who share their own career journey.

Become an Investment Ambassador, share your career journey and promote investment management as a place to forge a career.

Frequently asked questions:

As an Investment Ambassador you will visit a school, college or university to talk to students about careers in investment management and share your personal career journey. The sessions take place virtually using video conference platforms, although we expect to have some requests for traditional ‘in person’ events in the future too.

The session will last between 30 – 60 minutes, including a presentation and time for questions. The Investment20/20 team will deliver the presentation, with the Investment Ambassador following with their own career journey.

We are also asked to attend Careers Fairs, where we answer students’ initial questions about working in the sector.

The requests for careers workshops come from all over the UK. Investment20/20’s aim is to increase diversity within the industry, and therefore we particularly look to visit state schools, colleges and universities which have a broad range of backgrounds and universities. 

Student may be from 14 years upwards, and studying for GCSE’s or equivalent, or in sixth form working towards their BTEC, Highers or A Levels.  We also work closely with many universities and deliver sessions to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Along with supporting young people’s career understanding, you will also be developing skills within an environment different to your day to day workplace.

According to Volunteering Matters, people who engage in voluntary activity report a greater sense of purpose, an opportunity to develop new skills, boost career opportunities, as well as making people happier.

Volunteering can add a lot of value to your own career and is viewed positively by employers – it demonstrates your commitment to skills development and improving performance.

Your employer will gain significant benefit from you becoming an Investment Ambassador.  These include:

  • The skills you develop can be transferred back to the workplace and bring additional benefit to the work you do.
  • Brand promotion of the company to school, college and university students.
  • Connecting with the future workforce and consumer market.

When you sign up as an Investment Ambassador you will receive:

  • An invitation to attend a virtual training module.  These sessions run once a quarter.
  • An opportunity to shadow the Investment20/20 team and other Investment Ambassadors to develop your confidence and skills.
  • Email and telephone support from the Investment20/20 team to guide you in advance of your session, including a briefing on the school/college/university if necessary.
  • Connections to other Investment Ambassadors to share best practice and tips on session delivery.   

You will receive an email within 5 working days, inviting you to have a call with the Investment20/20 team to discuss upcoming events in which you could participate.

Support materials will also be included – top tips on delivery, key preparation activities, and typical questions that you could be asked by students!

The email will include a link to register to attend a training session, which happen quarterly. 

Requests for visits from schools, colleges and universities can vary depending on the time of the academic year.  We will do our best to match you to a volunteering opportunity as soon as a session becomes available and as soon as you feel prepared to deliver, although please note that at key academic times (exam months for example) there may be a longer wait time.

No, this is not a paid position. This is a voluntary role, giving you the chance to give back and inspire young people to consider a career in the investment management industry.

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